What is this?

I like to write. I have a decent amount of talent and an immeasurable love of words. A few years ago I began my very first site, LOBLOGO, where I just experimented with different ideas. I never kept up with it because of the demands of life, and after awhile I let the domain lapse. It was then purchased by a scummy company that offered to sell it back to me for $750.

In the meantime I grew a little and realized that I still enjoy writing and started two other sites– Elevated Bro and The Modern Statesman. Along with LOBLOGO I am able to keep up with my hobby and explore different areas on each of the sites as appropriate.

LOBLOGO is by and large my personal collections of stories, sometimes salacious but always entertaining. While I don’t include every true thing that has happened, everything you will read is true. These are stories I tell to my friends and comrades, and we’ve had several good laughs over them. I hope you enjoy it as well.

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